Thursday, July 21, 2011

Few more

Here are some more pieces from class, from my sketchbook and out of class!

The final magazine

After much work, anticipation and paper folding came the day of the photo-shoot!
Taking the raw photographs through the whole process of editing, layout, checking everything, adding type etc to reach the final magazine was wonderful learning.
Here are some picture from the shoot and of the final magazine itself!

1, 2 and 3: Pictures from the photo-shoot
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Pictures of the final magazine- from the front cover to the last!

A walk in the park

Yosha Moudgil photography ©

Yosha Moudgil photography ©

Yosha Moudgil photography ©

Here are some photographs I clicked, and a pen and ink drawing of the city buildings from Central Park, where we all went for a field trip.
The black and white theme connects these pictures, as I felt, seeing this city in this way would be like throwing a different light upon it.

The fashion and product design projects

After many days of hard work, brainstorming and putting things together- the dress seemed to be coming into shape. Now the drawings weren't of much use, as I was SEEING to create. Seeing the shape, the form, the form and shape I wanted it to take etc, were all being observed by me, and then being worked upon. So now, my eyes were the instruments for designing!

Along with the dress, was a product- which we had to design, which would have a function other than it's original one. After much though and pondering over- this was the idea: to have a glove, which, apart from being a plain, simple glove, would have a make-up palette attached to it, for 'on-the-go' make-up and retouches, while in the elevator!

1 and 2. The dress and product designs
3. The whole outfit- the dress and the product!

Colors colors and more colors

There were days when I learnt about color theory-

1. The greyscale shown here is a nine step greyscale- colors moving from white to black. Creating this was not an especially easy task, but none the less it was amazing to see while mixing colors, that there could be SO many shades of grey!

2. Shown here is the color wheel with 12 colors- each of which was measured for perfectness by the value of it's corresponding color on the grey scale!

Learning about these colors and how to create them, gave me an idea about measuring color in terms of its value on a scale- and the inconceivable number of combinations and colors possible!
Soon after I started noticing magazines and books- and what would have only been a red to me before this exercise, now looked like many many different reds in the same image- because now I realized the NUMEROUS colors possible by just altering the proportions of the base colors!

The meantime in the drawing classes

While the fashion project was part of the design class, I was learning about proportions, colors and figures in the drawing class.
Even though the classes were different, their concepts were interlinked-

1, 2, 3 and 4 The museums- were a great way to view new, old and varied kinds and forms of art and design, and also a great opportunity to learn and draw from ! Be it dinosaurs, tribal art or roman statues- these provided for great exposure and practice!

5, 6, 7 and 8. While figure drawing, not only were the proportions very important, but what I learnt was- how to observe the lines formed by the body and represent them on paper- which I used while SEEING to create the garment, and representing it on paper.

9. Drawing parts of a building or a city however have a different approach to them. Drawing these geometric figures felt like paying a tribute to the grandeur of New York City. The angles, elevation, slats and slopes, straight lines were all a part of the scene. These saw a reflection in the fashion project too- in the form of being similar to an elevator- represented by origami!

The fashion design project- urban camouflage

The major task- taking inspiration from a place and using that inspiration to create an urban camouflage- a dress which depicts that setting.
There were so many places that seemed so very interesting, but, the prominent one was the elevator in the Parsons building- not only because of its geometry, but also for the patterns on its walls-and the splashes of bright red in the grey-scaled surroundings in the form of emergency buttons!
Taking the spirit of the elevator into an outfit didn't seem like an easy task- but after brainstorming, it felt as if Jenny and me were on the right track. Though we didn't have a conclusion planned, the journey to the final product was wonderful. Here are parts of it:

1. The elevator's pattern that was very intriguing- the patterns- which then led to origami, which formed the basis of the dress.
Reaching the origami conclusion was a very 'in the moment' decision- after thinking about contrasting the hardness of the metal by using paper, but at the same time, incorporating the geometry and pattern which the elevator was composed of.

2. Some of the original sketches- where I was trying to begin with an end in mind. But soon after, with guidance, I realized that it's better to take on the journey as it comes, without planning the destination in mind.

3. So we started to build the dress from one idea that connected the outfit to the elevator- origami. This picture is a later stage of the dress- when it had started to take shape.

Thus, not having a planned end let there be scope for ideas to burst and to let the dress just  g r o w.